Monday, July 24, 2017

The Hacker and the FBI Agent

Hannah Whelan wants justice. A tragedy deprived her of her father and her sister is now incapacitated. She’s a tech genius and the way she decides to get revenge is by hacking into the companies she thinks are responsible for the hurt in her life. Her hacking moniker is Freedom Overdrive.

Mason Kohler is an FBI agent. He’s experienced and has a reputation for solving cases. After his brother’s death, he needs a fresh start. Unfortunately, he gets stuck with an assignment to bring down the hacker, Freedom Overdrive.

Hannah makes it her business to meet Mason. It’s absurdly easy. She bumps into him in the coffee shop line. Soon they’re involved. She’s using him, but she’s also falling for him.

The plot is innovative, the hacker and the FBI agent in a romance. However, with these characters, it just didn’t work for me. Hannah is a smart hacker, and she’s using Mason to get information. He’s supposed to be a super agent, but he doesn’t see what she’s doing, and it’s so obvious it’s embarrassing.

I didn’t think the characters were realistic. Hannah comes across as very hard boiled. She thinks she has a mission and that excuses what she does. On the other hand, Mason seems overly feminine. He cries and blushes. I think it’s nice to have a sensitive hero, but Mason overdoes it.

This isn’t the best romance I’ve read, nor is it the worst. If you are intrigued by the hacker aspect, you may enjoy the book, but beware of the cliff-hanger ending. Unless you love the characters and are panting to learn more, the loose ends can be very off-putting.

I received this book from Loveswept for this review.