Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fighting in Burma During WWII

Captain Con Reynolds leads a small group of special operations forces in Burma. They’re behind enemy lines, cut off from the main troops. They’re joined by Kachin troops, native to Burma, and are in contact with the British.

This war story is based on the experience of the author during WWII. The action is filled with details that only someone who experienced the war on the ground would notice and include in the narrative. If you enjoy war stories, this is an excellent one.

The book, however, is more than an action adventure. The characters are in many ways the focus of the story. Con Reynolds, the main character, grows in experience and understanding as he leads his men in a difficult situation. He also searches for love with Carla. However, the romance is perhaps the weakest part of the story.

The character I liked best was Nautauung, an old Kachin fighter. He provides the seasoning of experience for the young fighters.

Since the book was originally published in 1957, the writing is looser than we expect to see in books today. The author has a penchant for adverbs that can become wearing. However, it doesn’t detract in a major way from the action or the character development.

I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about the war in Burma, or just like war stories.

I received this book from Open Road Media for this review.