Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Parrot Brings a Family Together

Thirty years ago, Millie walked out on her sons, Grinder and Lucas. Now she’s dead and her friend Janice wants them to come and deal with her effects. The brothers aren’t quite sure what effects they’ll have to deal with, but they are truly surprised to realize that one of them is an African Gray parrot named Paul.

Paul is in the throes of grief having lost his beloved Millie. They’re not quite sure how to deal with Paul, but as they listen to his sayings, they begin to heal from the past. Their lives change and they find they can experience forgiveness and redemption.

The book touches on a difficult situation, a mother who abandons her children. While not hilariously funny, the author is able to use humor to tell the story without having it become tragic or maudlin. Grinder and Lucas are good characters. Their give and take is realistic for two brothers that work together and have experienced the vicissitudes of growing up in a ruptured family. The parrot, Paul, is the best character. You can’t help but love him.

This is a worthwhile book to read. It’s a very human story of brothers coping with and forgiving an absent mother.

I received this book from PR by the Book for this review.