Sunday, June 5, 2016

Murder, Kidnapping, and the Question of Redemption

Allie Grant is back in town saying she wants to be reunited with her family. It's Mort's dearest wish, but he can't take her back into the family until she gives up her criminal activities. This is not what Allie wants to hear. With her worldwide connections, she sets off to punish Mort by kidnapping one of his twin granddaughters.

At his wits end, Mort calls on Lydia, the Fixer, to find the girl and bring her back. This is challenging because of Allie's connections, but also because she hates Lydia, believing that she has taken Allie's place as Mort's daughter.

Besides his family problems, Mort is faced with a gang war in Seattle and the death of a young boy in a drive-by shooting. Although Mort finds it hard to concentrate, his team takes up the case hoping to get a resolution so Mort can relax.

This novel is probably the most violent of the Fixer series. It makes Allie's character clear, but in a way it seems over the top. We do see Lydia in action, but much of the story revolves around Mort's family and his response to Allie's transgressions.

A sub-theme of this book is redemption. Mort desperately wants to redeem Allie, but can he? He pulled Lydia out of her role as an avenger, but will his problems throw her back into her old life? We see the same theme played out in the gang war. I thought the author handled it well, and it makes the book more than just a thriller.

I received this book from Alibi for this review.