Monday, June 27, 2016

A Missing Person and Murder with an Undertone of Family Love

Detective Manon Bradshaw, thirty-nine and longing for a family, is looking for love from men she meets on dating sites and immediately takes to bed. When Edith Hind, the beautiful daughter of a physician to the royal family, disappears from her Cambridge apartment, Manon knows this will be a big case.

Miriam Hind, Edith's mother, thinks about her family and how, if not perfect, they are what she has, and she's grateful. She's particularly concerned about Edith, but believes she'll make the right decisions. Then Edith disappears and the family is thrown into disarray.

As the investigation turns into weeks, it becomes clear that Manon and Miriam have to consider the possibility that Edith is the victim of murder. The two women grow close as the case progresses. Manon sees something she wants, but Miriam knows how difficult it is to get and keep a family together.

This is a good mystery, fast paced with plenty of twists, and a surprise ending. If you enjoy British mysteries, this is a good one. The added benefit is the well-defined characters. Manon and Miriam are two sides of a woman's life: Manon the career woman who wants a family, and Miriam who has a family she loves and knows how difficult it is to keep it together.

The secondary theme of the book is family love and how love requires tolerance and understanding. I enjoyed the book, the mystery is well done and keeps you guessing, but the theme makes the novel special.

I received this book from Random House for this review.