Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Forensic Artist Stalked by a Serial Killer

Gwen Marcey, a forensic artist, spots her dog, Winston, digging in her yard. She races from the house to make him stop. When he relinquishes his prize, she's shocked to discover that it's a human skull with a bullet hole in it. Relying on her artistic sense and forensic skill, she decides it's the skull of a young girl. The local sheriff isn't sure, but when Gwen and Winston find the rest of the body, he knows he has a problem on his hands.

Finding the first body leads to the recovery of the bodies of more young girls on the farms through the rural Montana county. Eerily, the first body reminds Gwen of her teenage daughter Aynslee. The more bodies that are uncovered, it becomes clear that the resemblance is no accident and Gwen and her daughter are in the cross hairs
of a serial killer.

This is a fast paced novel. Although the author includes a considerable amount of forensic detail, it's done in short sections that don't slow the story. The descriptions of rural Montana enhance the feeling of menace, but also show the beauty of the area.

Gwen and Aynslee are strong characters. Although Gwen is experiencing all the maternal trials of teenage rebellion, when it counts, the two are able to rely on each other in life-threatening situations. Beth, Gwen's assistant, and best friend is another strong character. Beth is the source of Christian faith in the book. She isn't preachy, but she tries to help Gwen deal with the need for forgiveness in her divorce.

The ending is a twist, but not all that surprising if you've been following the clues carefully. The author is good at planting her clues.

If you like fast paced thrillers, this is a good one. I recommend it.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.