Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seven Extraordinary Women

The stories of seven women living out their Christian faith in difficult circumstances are awe inspiring. I was pleased that Metaxas picked women who chose to do what they felt called to do as women. They didn't try to be men or compete with men. They used their female strengths: love, giving, mothering, and compassion. They didn't plan to be heroines. They did the work they felt God called them to do.

I was familiar with some of the women's stories: Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa. I hadn't heard of the other women: Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley; Corrie ten Boom, who suffered in a concentration camp for helping Jews during WWII; Hannah More, who worked with Wilberforce to abolish the slave trade; and Saint Maria of Paris, who served the poor in spite of her eccentric ways, marriages, and collisions with church doctrine.

Each woman had a story to tell and Metaxas did an excellent job of bringing them to life in a short biography. I found each one easy to read bringing out the highlights of the woman's life and showing them as real people with severe problems but living out their faith.

I highly recommend this book for both women and men. Everyone can learn from the example of these extraordinary women.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.