Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Using Your Camera Creatively

Familiarity with your camera and lenses to the point where you don't have to think constantly about the technical details, leads to more creative photos. This is what Peterson suggests. Play with you camera and lenses. Lie on your back and look up, climb a tree and look down, use different lenses to capture the same scene and evaluate the differences. He includes an exercise that while time consuming is designed to accomplish this.

In addition to his suggestions for developing an intimacy with your camera, Peterson covers the basics for taking outstanding photos: design, composition, light, and a short section on Photoshop. The text in each section is easily within the scope of beginners as well as more advanced photographers. I found the use of several examples of the same scene taken from different perspectives the most useful part. Peterson discuss each example: what's good, what's lacking, and why he chose to experiment with another perspective. Necessarily, this leads to a certain amount of autobiography, but I found it fascinating. It's instructive to see how a professional thinks about his compositions.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer, or more importantly, a beginner, this book gives you something to think about. Most seasoned photographers should know the contents of the text very well, but the glimpse of how another photographer constructs his shots is illuminating.

I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it and felt that I learned a great deal. I'm not a professional, rather an enthusiastic amateur, but I plan to try all
his exercises. I'm sure they will help me to feel more at ease with my equipment.

I reviewed this book for Blogging for Books