Monday, August 31, 2015

An Unusual Take on the Story of Creation

A shipping container filled with the bodies of young women washes up on the shore of an island between worlds. John the Collector is called to see what's in the container. Surprisingly, he finds one of the young women alive, badly broken, but alive.

During the healing process, the young woman experiences the story of creation in the presence of Mother Eve. It's beautifully told and although the young woman feels unworthy to be a witness, she loves the experience.

The question that hangs over the early part of the story is the identity of the young woman, and why she feels so unworthy. It's a question that will keep you reading as she gradually recovers her identity.

I have mixed feelings about the book. The story of creation is beautifully written, but it you're a biblical purist shifting the blame for the fall from Eve to Adam may be unsettling. The description of the island and the healing of the girl are fascinating. I wish we had more than a few glimpses of this unusual place. The other problem I had with the story stems from the blurb that made me select the book. It said the girl was special because her DNA connects her to every human. I was disappointed that this was not pursued in the book.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.

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