Saturday, August 1, 2015

An Amateur Detective with Synesthesia

Mack Dalton, owner of Mack's bar, has a unique neurological disorder, synesthesia. She can taste or see things she hears. Seeing things can be perceived as a tactile sensation, and smells and tastes are accompanied by sounds or a physical sensation. Mack has developed a talent for using her unique abilities to help solve crimes. Her boy friend, Duncan Alright, is a cop who has used her talents in the past. In fact, their crime solving as a team was so successful that the newspapers have started following her as a major news story.

Mack is in hiding from the press when she receives a letter from an unknown admirer. He plans to set her a series of tests. If she doesn't pass one of her friends from the Capone Club, her bar patrons who help solve crimes, will die.

In addition to the trials by the unknown admirer, Mack and the Capone club are involved in solving the cold case murder of Tiny's sister. This is a straightforward mystery and not difficult to figure out.

The book is fast paced with a dose of romance between Mack and Duncan as well as the two crimes. While I found the use of synesthesia as a talent for a detective interesting, Mack's character was not otherwise memorable.

For me, the major flaw in the book is the cliff hanger ending. Although the club solves Tiny's case, the series of trials remains open with a new murder and trial at the end of the book. Perhaps looking ahead to find out about this case will sell books, but it's a turn off for readers who want a resolution.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.