Monday, April 27, 2015

Crime in a Small Town Environment

Samuel Craddock, although retired, is the acting police chief in Jarrett Creek. He has become friendly with his neighbor Jenny Sandstone. When her mother Vera suffers a stroke, she tells Samuel that Jenny is in danger. After several incidents, one of which lands Jenny in the hospital after being run off the road, he worries that she is in serious danger. He tries to get information from Jenny, but she wants to handle it herself.

Although Samuel is preoccupied with Jenny's problems, he is still called upon to perform services for the local community, like taking care of the parents on prom night. If you like mysteries with a large helping of local culture, you'll enjoy this book.

Unfortunately, the mystery is almost too simple. I was able to figure out the culprit from the first few pages. However, Samuel is a likable character and reading about the small town is fun. I was not as interested in Jenny. She is too withdrawn and wants to do everything for herself, regardless of the danger.

I recommend this book if you like small town mysteries. The plot is reasonable. It shows what types of problems, family and community, that can lead to crime is a small rural community.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.