Friday, April 10, 2015

Action, Suspense, and Technology Against the Background of War

In a scene reminiscent of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Chinese catch the US off guard and launch attacks from air, sea and outer space. When the dust settles, the US has lost possession of the Hawaiian Islands and is struggling to come back and launch and offensive.

The chapters are very short moving from one set of characters to another. Although many characters are introduced, they are all sympathetic and I didn't have trouble remembering the plot line for the various groups. The focus of the action is on Captain Jamie Simmons, his father Mike and their father-son conflict. This thread pulls the book together and gives a human dimension to the war.

Although the book has exciting action scenes, the best part for me was the use of technology by both countries. I found it fascinating and a little frightening that technology we're familiar with could so easily be turned to evil purposes. If you like reading about technology, you'll enjoy this book.

The book reminded me of Tom Clancy's work. The technology is well researched as are the political alliances. I recommend this book, if you like the excitement of war and politics with a serious look at advanced technology.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.