Friday, April 10, 2015

A Mayoral Race Upset by Murder

In the third book in the Cape Refuge Series, Morgan and Jonathan are still running Hanover House, a transitional facility for drug offenders. To complicate their lives, Jonathan is running for mayor and they are trying to have a baby, but with little success.

Morgan is drawn to Lisa, wife of another mayoral candidate because they both have fertility problems. When Lisa disappears, the investigation centers on her husband. The evidence is there, but Chief of Police Cade, has trouble thinking
that her devoted husband would kill her.

The characters are believable. Morgan and Jonathan are the kind of sympathetic people that make running a transition house work. Their problems are something many people can relate to: the rigors of a campaign, and the heartbreak of being unable to conceive a child.

It may surprise readers new to Cape Refuge that the book is not only a murder mystery, but also a portrayal of Christian values. Blackstock isn't too heavy handed with her Christian message, but the ideals of family and helping others are well illustrated by the way Morgan and Jonathan run Hanover House.

I recommend this book if you like a mystery with a twist at the end that is relatively free of violence.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.