Friday, January 9, 2015

Trying to Make Amends Before Dying , Kenny Discovers a Murder

Kenny Drummond, diagnosed with late stage brain cancer, wants to make amends to the people he thinks he's hurt before he dies. One of these people is Callie Barton. He hasn't seen her since grade school where she helped him deal with the loss of his mother and his father's manic depressive episodes.

The problem is that he can't find Callie. She appears to have vanished. There is a strong suspicion that she was murdered by her husband, Jonathan. Having discovered the murder theory, Kenny is on a crusade. He breaks into Jonathan's home and from there he's on a campaign to find what happened to her.

In the opening chapters, Kenny seems like a nice, rather ineffectual man. However, when he decides to go after Callie's murderer, he changes completely. I found this change hard to take. I understand that the brain tumor could have made him behave differently from his normal personality, but the violence involved in the change seems out of proportion.

The story is told with spare language and a fast pace. It
reads more like a movie than a novel. However, it has the effect of keeping you reading. If you like fast paced novels, this will suit you. I found the story very hard to get involved with, aside from the pace of the action. Kenny's obsession with Callie seems out of proportion as does his response.

I recommend this book if you like fast paces thrillers.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.