Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Return to Wolfe and Archie in the Old Brownstone

Returning home from a satisfactory poker game at Saul Panzer's, two bullets slam into the wall near the brownstone narrowly missing Archie. Shortly after, Wolfe and Archie receive an anonymous phone call telling them that the caller plans to murder Archie in revenge for one of Wolfe's cases.

This is a very typical Nero Wolfe mystery. Goldsborough did a good job capturing Stout's style. As in most Nero Wolfe mysteries, the plot is not hard to figure out, but Archie, Wolfe, Fritz, Saul and the others are such interesting characters that it's fun to be back with them. I did find that Goldsborough has updated the writing style with more emotional content. Archie is quite shaken after being shot at. For me, this doesn't detract from the novel, but it is a change from the original Stout books.

If you like a good mystery, or are a Nero Wolfe fan, this is one to read.

I reviewed this book for Amazon Vine.