Friday, January 2, 2015

A Girl Alone in London

Edie and her mom have been on the run from her abusive father for years. Now they're in London and Edie isn't happy about it. This a foreign country, and she doesn't like it. Her new school isn't any help. On the first day she attracts the attention of the school bully, Prescious. The only person who is kind to her is Imogene, who Edie considers weird.

The plot revolves around the fact that Edie's mother fails to come home from work one morning. Edie doesn't know what to do. She's alone in a foreign country. All she can think of is finding her mother. In this, she's helped by Jermaine, a boy with a terrifying reputation for violence.

Most of the book follows Edie and Jermaine's search through London for her mother. Although the book is relatively short, I thought so much time devoted to a search took away from getting to know the characters. Edie is not a sympathetic character. Although she has plenty of reasons to be unhappy, her disregard for other people shown by her distaste for the one person who befriends her in the new school are distasteful

The ending was predictable from the opening. It emphasized Edie's self-centered response to the situation. She didn't think of asking for help. At the end, she appears to have learned something about relating to other people, but it happened very fast and didn't seem quite real.

I can't recommend this book. It's very short and may appeal to young readers, but it's not well crafted. Perhaps it would be more appealing if the book were longer with more attention to character development.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.

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