Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coming of Age Story Driven by a Crime

It's 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One evening on her way home, Lindy Simpson is raped on the street near her house. Although no arrests are made, the crime changes Lindy and the other residents of the street.

The narrator is one of the suspects in the crime. Although he isn't arrested, the rape impacts him deeply. He is infatuated with Lindy. It's one of the central facts of his adolescence. Lindy is his ideal. The girl next door who seems to have everything. As they grow up, their lives entwine and then grow apart, but Lindy is always important to him.

One of the best parts of this novel is the depiction of what life was like in 1989: no Internet and no mobile phones. Teenagers talked on land-line phones with their friends for hours. It paints a picture of growing up in a different time.

The writing is good, but I felt the narrator lapsed into memories that weren't directly related to the story line, and it lessened the impact of the story he was telling. The mystery of who raped Lindy runs through the story, but the most important part is how the crime affected everyone's life.

I recommend this book if you want a glimpse of life in the late 80'
s and early 90's, or if you want to relive part of your own adolescence.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.