Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mystery, Murder and Romance in a Lovely Beach Setting

Elin Summerall is recovering from a heart transplant. The donor is an excellent match, but Elin is now plagued by memories of the donor's murder. People don't believe that cell memory can be that extensive, but for Elin it's real.

The lovely home on the beach she purchased has it's own story. Early in her residence, Elin discovers diaries from the previous owner and gets caught up in her story.

Romance is also on the horizon. Elin's daughter is not the biological daughter of her husband Tim. She's the product of a single night of passion with Marc. When Marc finds out, he wants to be involved with his daughter and decides to see his daughter whether Elin wants it or not.

Add to this the problems of Elin's mom who is suffering from dementia, and you have a novel with several plot lines that fit together with surprising consequences.

I enjoy Colleen Coble's novels. The settings are lovely and the plots always complex. I do have a problem with this one because her use of the concept of cell memory to explain Elin's frightening visions is a bit unrealistic. I've read about cell memory, and it does exist, but I think Coble takes it several steps too far.

However, the book is delightful escapism. If you like romance, mystery and Christian fiction, you'll enjoy this book.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booklook Program.