Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Fast Paced Legal Thriller

Mia Quinn, a prosecutor for the Seattle Violent Crimes Unit, has her hands full. Her husband's death in an automobile accident is a possible suicide. Mia is trying to cope with the implications of his death as well as the mountain of debts he left. She's also the mother of two children, both still struggling with the aftermath of their father's death.

In addition to trying to cope with all the family
demands on her time, Mia is given the case of three youths who recklessly push a shopping cart over a four story drop seriously injuring a woman below. It's Mia's call whether to charge them as adults, and it's not an easy one to make.

On top of everything else, Charlie Carlson, a police officer who works with Mia, has concerns about her husband's death. He thinks it was murder.

The multiple plot lines in this book make for non-stop crises. If you like a fast-paced thriller, you'll enjoy this book. The legal aspects, interviewing witnesses, conducting cross examinations, are accurate and some of the most interesting parts of the novel.

I am less enthusiastic about the main character. Mia comes across as so upset and harassed it's hard to get close to her. Charlie is a more likable character, but he is also rather distant. The plot is so interesting and fast moving that this is not a major problem. I just think Mia's angst is a bit over done. However, it's an enjoyable read if you like suspense.

I reviewed this book for the BookLook Blogger Program by Thomas Nelson.