Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sensual Romance

Catherine is newly arrived in Chicago after suffering a tragedy in her home town of Santa Cruz, California. She's trying to establish her reputation as a photographer, helped by her friend, Beckett, who is a genius at preparing foods to be photographed. She and Beckett have a job, photographing the food from a new restaurant, the Willowgrass. At the initial meeting, Catherine goes outside to wait for Beckett, trips on the ice, and William catches her. The attraction is instantaneous. Catherine can hardly concentrate on the restaurant shoot when William shows up. They're immediately attracted to each other, but each carries secret wounds from the past that both draw them together and keep them apart.

If you like erotica, this is a book for you. Catherine and William are interesting characters. Their troubled pasts keep you reading to discover their stories. The backgrounds are very sensual
l starting with the Willowgrass restaurant and continuing through William's magnificent apartment.

The sex scenes are HOT. If you enjoy erotica, you'll love it, if not, it's best to try another book. I enjoyed the book. The writing is good; the characters, interesting; and there is a plot which I suspect will lead to a sequel.

I reviewed this book for Net Gallery.