Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Romantic Romp through Vegan Cuisine in Los Angeles

An influential food critic is visiting the vegan restaurant where Clementine Cooper has taken over for the chef who is ill. She hopes it will make her reputation, but instead it's her undoing when the critic finds butter in her squash ravioli. Although Clementine was sabotaged by a jealous co-worker, she is fired and no other vegan restaurant in LA will hire her.

It's a low point for Clementine. She has no job and she's trying to recover from the breakup with her long term boyfriend, Eric. With the help of her roommate, Clementine pulls herself together and opens a vegan cooking school. However, there's another blow coming. She has always wanted to open her own restaurant in an attractive space across the street. She's devastated to learn that a steak house is moving in. She confronts the handsome, millionaire owner, Zach Jeffries. She wants to dislike him, but her body says differently. Why can't she fall for a cute vegan chef instead of a carnivore like Zach?

This is a fun book. Clementine is a gutsy lady that you can't help rooting for. The action is fast paced with lots of romantic turmoil, but for me the best part was a glimpse of delicious vegan dishes. It'll make your mouth water. If you want a fun read for the beach, try this.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.