Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Story of Healing and Forgiveness

In a devastating tragedy, Gabrielle Larson loses both parents. She and a friend arrive on the scene of the automobile accident minutes after it happens and Gabrielle falls into darkness. At fifteen, she finds herself transported from her home in Chicago to a ranch in South Dakota. In this unfamiliar setting, she learns to work with animals, particularly horses, and to love the silence and open space of the prairie. Although outwardly she adjusts to her new life, she can't connect with other people until she meets a blind musician whose music cracks the shell she's built around herself.

Although this story moves slowly and covers a number of years, it is beautifully written. Gabrielle's suffering pulls you into her life as she overcomes the hate and anger that are devouring her. The story is written for young adults, but the theme has meaning for people an any age who are recovering from a tragedy.

I loved the descriptions of the prairies. The author knows the area and presents it in impressive detail. The horses play an equally important part in Gabrielle's story. She can relate to them when she finds it impossible to relate to other people. I have horses and I've seen their gentle presence allow people to open their hearts when they otherwise are unable to.

I highly recommend this book for young adults, or anyone who loves the plains and the animals who live there.

I reviewed this book for Crossway.