Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Angels, Demons, Futuristic Weapons and Redemption

A battle is raging at St. Catherine's Monastery. Jagger and the monks are surprised by a troop dressed in outlandish costumes and armed with advanced weapons like Cobras that follow the defenders into the tunnels under the monastery firing like machine guns. The Clan is another group of immortals, but unlike the Tribe, they are bent on destruction. They have invaded St. Catherine's because the archaeological expedition has uncovered a relic they want, the Judgement Stone, a fragment of the first tablets containing the ten commandments that Moses destroyed. This fragment of stone lets the person touching it see demons and angels and the blue threads that indicate a believer in contact with God.

The Tribe watches the encounter. They aren't after the Judgement Stone, Nevaeh has a different objective. She wants to capture Beth, Jagger's wife, to find out the secret that would lead them to salvation. Nevaeh believes that Ben, the former leader of the tribe, was able to die because he got the secret from Beth and she wants it.

This fast paced, high-tech, thriller presents a battle between good evil. The Clan are determined to do as much damage to earth as they can. Jagger and Owen must decide how to deceive them and recover the Judgment Stone. At the same time, Jagger worries about Beth's safety and the Nevaeh's obsessive desire to find the secret of salvation.

This is an excellent sequel to “The Thirteenth Tribe.” Jagger, Beth, Tyler and Owen are characters you'll love and identify with. That combined with the fast moving plot makes this a must read. If you enjoy action and adventure with a Biblical background, this is not one to miss. I loved the Thirteenth Tribe, and I think The Judgment Stone is even better.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.