Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romance, Mystery and Danger in Ancient Babylon

Princess Tiamet is recently widowed. Her first husband Shaltiel was the eldest son of the Judean King, Jeconiah. Under Jewish custom, it would be proper for her to wed his younger brother, Pedaiah, bur Tia dislikes him. To preserve her independence, she suggests instead that she'll marry his younger brother, Nedabiah, who is only ten years old. But Tia's mother, Queen Amytis, has another plan.

Tia has no protectors. Her father Nebuchadnezzar has been mad for seven years, roaming the hanging gardens, living like an animal. Tia loves him but knows she can't expect him to help her. He's virtually a prisoner in his own body. But the mad king isn't the only secret the palace holds. The Magi are becoming more powerful. An air of tension hangs over the city and mysterious and dangerous things happen. Knowing that she has no one to help her, Tia decides to help herself and discover what evil is being plotted.

If you like historical romance, you'll enjoy this book. The story is primarily fiction, but relies on the Book of Daniel for the historical elements. The descriptions of life in Babylon are intriguing as is the depiction of life in the palace.

Although I enjoyed the book, I felt the character of Tiamet was rather modern for ancient Babylon. When we meet her, she's exercising by jogging along the palace walls at night. This picture made me wonder how historically accurate the book would be. However, since little is actually known about Nebuchadnezzar's court, it's hard to judge. Historically accurate or not, the book is a captivating romance.

I reviewed this book as part of the Booksneeze Program.