Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Rather Slow Start: Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich

Badly injured after a fall, prima ballerina, Sasha Davis, returns to her home town practically hiding in her deceased mother's house. Angry, depressed, and in pain she is a difficult person to be around. Evelyn Burt, an irrepressible nineteen-year-old, wants to be on her own out of her parents house. She's opted not to go to college, which is a major disappointment for her parents, and she's engaged to a boy they don't like. Sasha hires Evelyn to be her assistant and the lives of the two women begin to intertwine, each helping the other in small, but eventually, life-changing ways.

This book is a very nice story about normal people, people you might know. If you want to immerse yourself in someone elses' not too threatening life, this is probably the book for you. Personally, I found the opening very slow going. We don't find out what Sasha's problems are, besides the injury, for many pages. If the author were building suspense, it would be one thing, but this seems more like an inability to get to the point of the story. My thought was that perhaps the story should start somewhat later, perhaps when Sasha starts rehab and begins to take a more active part in her life rather than being a petulant invalid.

While the women in the story were fairly believable, I found the male characters poorly done. Donald is so nice, it's hard to believe anyone could be that wonderful. Jason is somewhat more real, but again he doesn't come across as a full person. I can recommend this book only if you like pretty stories with a happy ending.

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