Saturday, June 3, 2017

Greedy Heirs, an Abandoned Mansion, and Murder

Charlie Carpenter, owner of the Old Hat Vintage Fashions, is excited to get a call from Calvin Prescott. Her friend is an auctioneer and has been given the job of disposing of the contents of Mulbridge House before it’s torn down to make way for a subdivision. When she sees the vintage couture gowns, Charlie is thrilled, but she feels a pang at seeing the glorious mansion torn down.

Charlie isn’t the only one upset at seeing the mansion torn down. The preservation society wants to keep the house as a historic site. The neighbors want to preserve their privacy and don’t want a new subdivision in their area. The heirs, however, want a quick sale to capitalize on the valuable land where the house it situated.

When Charlie and her friend, Dimitri, go to collect the fashions, they find Calvin dead on the floor of his warehouse. There is a long list of suspects and Charlie wants to find out who murdered her old friend, but Detective Marcus Trenault, with whom Charlie is in a relationship, warns her to stay out of the investigation because of the danger.

This is the second book featuring Charlie and the Old Hat. The plot is full of twists. It’s not easy to guess the murderer until close to the end. Charlie is a vivacious heroine, but I felt that her bad decisions putting her in danger were a little hard to believe. Dimitri is my favorite character. His bravery almost puts Marc to shame.

Mulbridge House is a great setting, but I found it hard to believe that a house could deteriorate that much in the lifetime of one old lady. Still, it’s a fun cozy mystery.

I received this book from Alibi for this review.