Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Dark Police Procedural

In the 1990s, the Prophet, a vicious serial killer, terrorized San Francisco and gave Caitlin Hendrix nightmares. Her father, the lead investigator, was nearly driven mad and his career destroyed by the taunting cryptic messages and lack of success in the catching the killer.

Now Caitlin is a Narcotics detective. She’s a relatively inexperienced detective, having only been at the job for six months, but when a new series of killings reminiscent of the Prophet’s begin, she’s tapped to work the case. Her father warns her against becoming involved, but Caitlin feels drawn to catch the brutal murderer.

Caitlin fears what working the case will do to her. She watched her father’s disintegration, but she equally feels drawn to stop the killing. Luckily she is supported by her boyfriend, Sean. He helps her keep a grip on reality.

The story is based on the Zodiac killing that terrorized San Francisco and the details are realistic. Caitlin is a smart lady who tamps down her fears to catch a killer. Sean is a good male character. He supports Caitlin without trying to keep her from doing what she feels she must do.

I recommend this book if you enjoy gritty, often gruesome, police procedurals. The pace is fast, the mystery is complex, and the writing is good.

I received this book from Dutton for this review.