Thursday, August 4, 2016

Delicious Crepes, Romance and Murder

Marley McKinney thinks she'll enjoy a break from her job in Seattle. Cousin Jimmy is in the hospital with pneumonia, and she agrees to run his pancake house, The Flip Side, for two weeks. At first it feels like a vacation. Marley spent summers in Wildwood Cove, and she loves the small town. But when she finds stolen goods in Jimmy's workshop and then his body is discovered at the bottom of a steep cliff, life becomes frightening and difficult.

The setting of the novel is delightful. It makes you want to visit a seaside town like Wildwood Cove. Marley is a sympathetic character. She's bright and feisty and trying to decide what to do with her life, particularly when her old boyfriend shows up. The other characters, Ivan, the surly chef, and Leigh, her best waitress, are small town characters that add color to the story.

I enjoyed the book. The action is well paced, but there's plenty of time to enjoy Wildwood Cove and the cast of characters. The mystery keeps you reading. There are plenty of twists and suspects so it's hard to figure out the underlying motive until the end.

I received the book from Alibi for this review.