Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Family Ripped Apart by Death

Lynette Carlisle loves Wyldewood, the Nantucket estate that's been in her family for generations. But in the twelve years since her mother's death, the house has deteriorated and there is no money for repairs. Of the five siblings, Lynette, the youngest, is the only one left at home to care for the house and her father, who is showing signs of dementia.

Now Lynette's nightmares are getting worse, and she needs help. She consults Nicholas Cooper, the boy next door, who she had an adolescent crush on. He recommends selling the house. Lynette hates the idea, but it may be the only way. The catch is that according to her mother's will, the siblings have to be in unanimous agreement to sell and that means getting them all home.

Lynette is a character under a great deal of stress. Not only are her father and the house a concern, but the nightmares are terrifying. Although she's quiet, her inner strength and faith are revealed as the story progresses. Nick is also a character under a lot of strain. He's home at his father's request, but they've never gotten along, and he hates working at his father's bank. The added complication is his feeling for Lynette.

The setting is beautiful, and in spite of their problems, the Carlisles are a close knit family. The dynamics will make you laugh, but they will also make you cry. I recommend this book if you enjoy a family story laced with romance.

I received this book from Booklook Bloggers for this review.