Friday, August 12, 2016

An Entertaining Introduction to Ghost Hunting

Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, the stars of the new Ghost Busters film, have created a how to book to showcase their ghost hunting methods. Probably the most entertaining part of the book is the opening section where Yates and Gilbert give accounts of how they met and got into ghost busting, including the frightening run in with a ghost by one of the duo.

The substance of the book is not different from other books on how to track supernatural apparitions. Sections include the equipment needed, how to find and study a haunted house, or other haunted structure, and helpful forms for conducting the examination and avoiding liability. Unlike other books on paranormal experiences, this one is written in a light amusing style that will keep you reading.

The book also contains portraits of early Spiritualists. In the late 1800s Spiritualism was popular and several famous people, including William James and Harry Houdini, were devotees. There were, of course, fake mediums and the book discusses these also including their tricks.

If you enjoy Ghost Busters and plan to see the movie, you'll enjoy this book. Even if you can't see the movie and find ghosts interesting, this is a good read.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.