Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Perils of Being Married to a Restaurant Critic

Sam is a restaurant critic. He takes his job seriously, so seriously that when the family moves to Philadelphia for his new job, he refuses to let Lila make friends with the new neighbors. He believes that he has to be anonymous when he visits a restaurant so he isn't given special treatment because of his review.

Lila is pregnant with their second child. She has given up her job as a trouble-shooter for a hotel chain, and the misses it. She loved managing crises. Of course, being a mom involves crises, but it's not the same. Gradually, Lila makes friends, but this leads to a strain on the marriage.

I found this book hard to get into. I chose it because I thought the background of the restaurant business would be interesting. I admit the author did a good job describing what happens in the restaurant business and how a food critic operates. However, I could not like the main characters.

Sam is paranoid about his job. I thought his insistence on Lila having no contact with her new neighbors was way over the top. Lila wasn't a character I could relate to either. She misses her old job to the point where she is missing out on the fun of being a mom. This may be a good book for someone dealing with the same problem, but I found her inability to adapt rather selfish. In fact, they both seemed selfish.

This is a quick read and would work well for a young mother facing some of the same issues as Lila. However, I can't recommend it highly because the characters didn't seem real to me. Sam is too paranoid and Lila, while unhappy, doesn't try hard to work things out with him.

I received this book for Net Galley for this review.