Sunday, January 24, 2016

The NTSB Searches for the Cause of a Fatal Airplane Accident

On a stormy night at Kansas City International Airport, Flight 170 waits for take-off to avoid the thunderstorms rolling through. Flight 255 is landing on the same runway. Due to wind-shear it misses the first approach and comes back to try again resulting in a horrific crash involving both flights.

NTSB, National Transportation Safety Board, investigator, Joe Wallingford, is assigned to investigate the crash. He arrives in Kansas City with his team to sift through the wreckage for clues to the accident, but in this case it's no easy task, and the pressure on Joe, both political and technical, is tremendous.

The first chapters of “Final Approach” are the best. The crash scene keeps you on the edge of your seat. The rest of the novel is more mundane, understandably, because it involves the technical investigation into the reason for the crash. I enjoyed the detail of how an NTSB investigation is conducted, but it's slow going at times.

Joe Wallingford is a good character. He loves his job and responds to the pressure in a very human way. Some of the other characters are good, but Joe is clearly the standout. I found the women in the novel more stereotypical than the men, and the love affairs, although they aren't a major part of the action, seem forced.

If you enjoy books with an aviation theme, this is a good one, but be prepared for technical detail and some repetition as the investigators work to solve the mystery.

I received this book from Open Road for this review.