Thursday, January 21, 2016

Taking Advantage of a Clerical Error is Just Too Tempting

Tina Fontana is executive assistant to the high-powered executive, Robert Barlow. Barlow is a reasonable boss and Tina likes her job, but she feels like she's going nowhere. She still has a mountain of college debt so while Robert drinks expensive liquor and wears designer suits, she is scrimping to pay the rent each month.

Then a clerical error occurs, and she is faced with the prospect of enough money to pay off her debt. She struggles with temptation and tells herself it's a small amount and the company will never miss it. She doesn't intend to do something dishonest, but the money ends up in her bank account, and she pays off her debt. She thinks she's home free until another assistant finds out what she's done and together they begin to siphon money from the company.

This is an amusing book and one that will resonate with anyone who's been to college, seeing a bright future at the end of the tunnel, and them finding themselves in debt and in a dead-end job. Tina is a character you can empathize with as she struggles with her conscience. I thought the assistant who found her out was not as likable, but she makes a good foil for Tina.

I recommend this book. It's amusing, but it also addresses moral issues and the difficulties of relationships.

I received this book from the Penguin Group for review.