Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Mind of an Assassin

Jon works for the Tattooed Man as a hit man. Because he's good at his job and does whatever the Tattooed Man assigns, he lives well, but he's a loner. When he meets up with Andy, an old school friend, that changes. Andy is out of work, and he has a wife a baby.

Jon realizes that his friend has something he doesn't, and he wants to help him. This is the beginning of real changes in his life. When he does the bidding of the Tattooed Man, he functions as a slave, but now he has a chance to act on his own.

This is a very psychological book. Jon is a complex character. Cross does a good job of presenting Jon's background and development without overdoing the backstory. Andy is also a well done character moving from being a loser to losing himself.

If you enjoy psychological novels, I recommend this book. It deals with an interesting interpretation of what it means to be free or a slave.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.