Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Lord and His Lady Team Up to Fight Crime at New Scotland Yard

Kathleen Doyle, recently promoted to detective sargent and married for less than a year to Chief Inspector, Lord Michael Acton, is learning about her job and how to be successful in marriage. After a dangerous adventure in the previous book that involved jumping off a bridge, Doyle is acquiescing to her overly protective husband's demands and going through cold case files.

Going through the cold cases lands her in the case of a serial killer who is murdering people who got away with murder. Acton has his problems also. A reporter is bent on exposing some of Acton's dangerous activities. and there is someone in the department who is furthering the case. Doyle becomes caught up in the case when a criminal Acton prosecuted tries to ensnare her in the plot.

This is an enjoyable read. Doyle and Acton are amusing, trying to juggle professional and personal life. There are plenty of interesting minor characters like Detective Sargent Munoz, who is Doyle's rival, and Williams, a newly minted detective inspector, who is Doyle's ex-boyfriend and now friend.

There were, however, some things I didn't like about the book. The investigation of the cold case murders has a number of threads and while the case is resolved at the end, I didn't feel that enough clues were given during the story. Too many other threads distracted from the crime and these didn't all get resolved at the end.

Another petty annoyance is Doyle's use of 'my friend' as a tag when speaking to almost anyone. The book was written from her point of view, and I often felt her thoughts were too self-referential and not related to crime solving. I also found Acton's over protectiveness disturbing. He was constantly tracking her by her cellphone, to the extent she had to leave it with other people to evade him.

However, if you like a mystery with not much bloodshed, and with likable characters, this is a good choice. Since this is the third book in the series you two other chances to get to know the characters' history.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.