Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Theological Page Turner

In this sequel to Judas the Apostle, Dr. Cloe Lejeune is enjoying a quiet academic life in Louisiana after finding an ancient copy of the Judas Gospel in the oil jar willed to her by her father. She's hard at work trying to reconstruct a document found in pieces in a second oil jar. Although loathe to leave her quiet life, Cloe travels to the Vatican at the request of the monsignor and the Pope.

Although the Kolector is dead, his organization is alive and still trying to find the cave where the oil jars were stored. This organization seeks the jars to use the contents to discredit the church. Cloe feels she has no choice but to help find the cave where Thib, her father, found the first oil jar. Again she's helped by her son, J.E. and the monsignor.

This sequel is primarily a chase scene where Cloe and her friends are in a race with the remnants
of the Kolector's organization to find the cave and save the jars and their contents. There's plenty of action much of it with high powered weapons. If you like excitement, you'll enjoy this book.

I found it less interesting than the first book. There's less historical information. The characters are again stock characters and in some cases their actions are quite unbelievable except in the service of the plot. I can recommend this if you like Christian adventure, but not if you want a character driven novel.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.