Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Worried About Your Loss of Civil Liberties? – Read This Book

In Suicide Pact, Judge Napolitano traces the loss of our civil liberties, not just from the most recent incursions by Presidents Bush and Obama, but throughout the history of our country. In high school, most of us heard of the acts that curtailed our freedoms at least the names of the acts should be somewhat familiar: Alien and Sedition Act; Lincoln's suspension of habeaus corpus and use of military courts rather than civilian; Wilson's Overman Act; Franklin Roosevelt's imprisonment of the Japanese during WWII; and more recently Bush's Patriot Act.

When you see all these incursions into our liberty discussed in a single book, it makes you realize how much we citizens have abdicated our responsibilities because of fear, or because of political advantage for the party we support. This book is well researched. The cases are discussed by a legal scholar, but are easily understood by a general audience.

The book is not a condemnation of a single party. Napolitano is even handed in showing the depredations into our liberty by both parties and by some of our most revered presidents. I highly recommend this book. It's a wake-up call.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.