Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas, A Little Romance, A Little Paranormal, and a Serial Killer

Transplant recipients are being murdered in a gruesome way. Mason gets the case and asks Rachael for help. She's not sure she wants to become involved, but how can she refuse when she's a transplant recipient herself. She's been trying not to dream because of the horror of seeing people murdered by a serial killer. This time is different. This time she doesn't see through the eyes of the murderer, but rather the victim.

The killer is harvesting the organs donated by Mason's brother. Since Rachael has his corneas, she's a potential victim. Mason is so concerned he takes her and his whole family to a five star ski resort for Christmas hoping the killer won't know where they are and will be caught before they get back.

This is the second book in the series. I think it's one of the best. Rachael is at her cynical best. Mason is falling hard for her, and the boys are great characters – not to mention Myrtle, the blind bulldog. The juxtaposition of the gorgeous scenery, Christmas festivities, and murder is a great combination. It definitely keeps you reading.

For an enjoyable winter read, I highly recommend this series.

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