Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transplant Recipients, Romance and Serial Killers

Angry because the police are not doing more to find her brother, Rachael de Luca, blind since childhood, stomps out into the street and is promptly hit by Detective Mason Brown's car. She is shaken but unhurt, still he feels responsible.

Mason is having a bad day. Immediately after hitting Rachael, he receives a text from his brother, Eric, returns to his apartment, and watches his brother commit suicide. That isn't the worst; Eric left a suicide note confessing to killing thirteen young men. Mason can't bring himself to accuse his brother. He hides the evidence and to atone gives Eric's body for organ transplant.

Rachael receives the corneas. Now she can see, but at the price of terrible nightmares in which she appears to enjoy killing young men. In spite of Eric's death, the killing hasn't stopped. Now Rachael and Mason team up to find who is committing these murders.

Cynical, sassy Rachael is a great character. You can't help, but love her independence. Mason is a good foil. He's a sexy hunk, driven by guilt, and at bottom a good cop. The interplay between these two makes the novel worth reading.

The plot, based on stories of transplant victims who take on the characteristics of their donors, is interesting, but seems to go well beyond the actual stories. The novel has a number of twists that keep you guessing. However, I was disappointed in the ending. I felt there was too little buildup to justify the final unveiling of the murderer.

I recommend this book if you like romantic thrillers. It's the first book in a series, so you may get hooked.

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