Friday, August 29, 2014

Legal Drama, Mystery, and Romance

Holt Douglas made a tragic mistake as a teenager and is still struggling to make amends. He was driving his friend's car when the car went off the road and his friend, Calico, was killed. Just before the accident, Calico told Holt about his dream to be a government attorney. Now Holt is an Assistant DA, but he doesn't find it fulfilling.

Trish Carmichael is a police officer whose major responsibility is collecting from deadbeat dads. She also carries a burden. Her father was killed and her mother paralyzed when a drunk teenager ran into their car. Trish finds forgiveness very difficult in spite of her sincere religious beliefs.

When the folder for the apparent suicide of one of the town's prominent citizens crosses Holt's desk by mistake, he and Trish think a murder is being covered up and decide to investigate; a decision that has unforeseen consequences.

Although the plot is engaging, I found the pace slow. The author tries to tie together the lives of Trish and Holt with the revelations of their investigation. The result is time devoted to each character's problems which detracts from the forward movement of the investigation, the activity that holds the story together. If you're looking for a fast paced legal thriller, this may disappoint.

If you're looking for a character study in which guilt and forgiveness play major roles, you'll find the book interesting. Holt and Trish struggle with their internal demons. The way they resolve the issues is a major thread in the story.

I enjoyed the book, but I was hoping for a legal thriller with a faster pace. I think the novel is
a little long. It could have been improved by shortening the main characters' internal searching and concentrating on the investigation of the suicide. However, it was worth reading.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson BookLook Blogger Program.