Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back Home in Mitford

After a trip to Ireland, Father Tim and Cynthia are home in Mitford. The emotional experiences in Ireland, have left Father Tim feeling down. He still hasn't completely accepted retirement and acceptance is made more difficult because his doctor is retiring. Instead of staying Mitford, Hoppy is going off to do missionary work in the Sudan. Father Tim doesn't have long to be a curmudgeon. Soon he's involved in all the large and small crises in Mitford.

The book is filled with the delightful characters from the previous Mitford novels: Ester Cunningham, the mayor; Fanny Skinner and her sister Shirlene; Harley and Hèléne; plus Dooley's brothers; Father Tim's special buddies, Mule and J.C.; and Coot. It's very satisfying to have the whole gang back together. Although I enjoyed the trip to Ireland, it's good to be back in Mitford.

I've read all the Mitford books and each one ends up being a favorite. Although this one is very long, it's filled so much sadness, joy, and hope that it keeps you wanting to know how things will work out. I always feel warm when reading one of these books, like an honorary resident of Mitford. It's not a book of epic struggles, rather it's the small everyday trials and successes that make Karon's books so delightful. You feel like you can take a vacation from your life and enjoy interacting with friends in Mitford.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.