Monday, August 4, 2014

A Young Mother Besieged by a Ghost

Bridget gave up her position as an attorney when her daughter, Julie, was born to be a full-time mother. Although she loves her daughter, she's not sure their relationship is all it should be. Her husband, Mark, reassures her, but she remains nervous about her role. Then the ghost appears. Bridget can see the white figure and smell the scents of earth and decay. She becomes terrified that the ghost will somehow hurt Julie and tries to shield her. Julie, however, doesn't seem bothered by the ghost, although Bridget believes Julie can see her.

The is a ghost story, but also the story of two women trying to find roles that are comfortable for them. Rebecca, living in 1902, and Bridget living in Texas today. When Rebecca's son was born she became obsessed with him to the exclusion of her husband. Bridget, too, is struggling with her role as a stay-at-home mother and the role of her husband as the sole breadwinner.

Although the plot is interesting,
focusing on the problems of motherhood, career, and marriage, I felt that the ghost was overdone. It seemed unrealistic that Bridget would allow herself to be terrorized by the apparition and yet do nothing about it but try to avoid it in her own house. I also felt that the author waited too long to give the identity of the ghost. The opening of the book was quite tedious with Bridget continually asking who the ghost was and what did she want.

I can't recommend this as a ghost story. However, if the themes of motherhood and career interest you, you may enjoy this book.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.