Friday, January 31, 2014

From High Tech to the Paranormal

Gabriel Blackstone is a gifted thief. He and his partner hack in to computers and steal secrets for which they are well paid. But Gabriel has another talent. He has the ability to be a “remote viewer.” This talent allows him to see into other people's minds. He gave up on this talent after a bad trip, but now his ex-girlfriend, Frankie, asks him to use his talent to find her husband's son.

Reluctantly, Gabriel takes on the quest. When he finally agrees, he meets two sisters, Minnaloushe and Morrrighan Monk. The sisters function as solar witches and enmesh Gabriel in their world. He knows one of the them killed Frankie's stepson, but he's fascinated by the women. Personal desire takes over and Gabriel finds himself in a situation from which he will be lucky to survive.

If you enjoy paranormal novels, you'll enjoy this one. The author builds a compelling world and backs it up with facts about remote viewing, alchemy and memory palaces. I found the plot interesting and the characters well developed. Figuring out who killed Frankie's son is rather trivial, although the author tries to hide the identity with red herrings.

The blend of technology with ancient arts is fascinating and the book is
atmospheric. I recommend it if you enjoy paranormal adventure with a background of mystery.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.