Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A CEO Talks About Success in Business and Life

Joseph Slawek, the CEO of FONA (Flavors of North America), believes that three parables in the Bible hold the secret for success. He focuses on Mathew 25 and the parables of the Ten Virgins, the Bags of Gold and the Sheep and the Goats. He uses these three parables to develop the ten best practices for success including: tell the truth, plan ahead, use your talents, and express gratitude to God and others.

These are clearly excellent principles for life by as well as for fostering a business. Slawek gives examples from his life to show how these principles have helped him achieve success. The stories are interesting and can provide inspiration particularly for young people seeking for how to become successful in life and work. The only criticism I have is that these stories turn the book into more of a memoir than a management text. However, they are inspirational, and I think that's what the author was striving for.

I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone looking for good concepts for managing their life and business.. The management concepts are not unique, they're fairly standard management techniques. However, tying them to the Gospel is unique and gives the practices additional relevance for Christians.

I reviewed this book for Handlebar Publishing.