Monday, January 6, 2014

A Hitman Who Kills to Exact Justice

Not your typical hitman, or in this case a hitwoman, the fixer kills to help people denied justice. She works by strict rules and won't accept a hit if the client's intention is evil. The client may even find himself facing a police investigation. However, the fixer makes a mistake. Agreeing to kill a neuroscience researcher who has killed a gorilla, her cover is blown. Now the person who ordered the hit wants to control the fixer and hasn't the same scruples.

Mort Grant, Chief of Detectives for the
Seattle PD, is tagged with solving the death of the neuroscience researcher. In his investigation, he comes in contact with psychologist, Lydia Corriger. Lydia joins forces with Mort to solve the killing. As they search for the killer, they discover the dark underbelly of the university world.

A fast paced novel with more than one mystery, this book keeps you guessing not only about who committed the murder, but who the fixer is. The characters are complex. Each has demons that you might not expect. The author, a psychologist, puts his training to good use in defining interesting, believable characters.

The book switches gears about halfway through. The first half sets up the fixer and how her killing works. In the second half, we follow Mort and Lydia as they track a killer with the help of the Chief of Forensics.

If you like a fast paced mystery with plenty of twists, you'll enjoy this novel.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.