Monday, October 7, 2013

A Romantic Sleigh Ride Uncovers Murder: A Plain Disappearance by Amanda Flower

It's Christmas. Timothy takes Chloe on a romantic sleigh ride to get her alone to give her his special present. They stop at the Gundy barn, a long vacant structure. Timothy gives Chloe the present, but before they can climb back in the sleigh, Mabel, Timothy's dog, uncovers the corpse of an Amish girl, Katie Lambright.

Police Chief Rose, asks Chloe and Timothy, an Amish man who has left the church, to help solve the murder since she can't get information from the closed Amish community. As they begin to investigate the murder they discover unsavory things about several members of the Amish community, including Katie's parents. Billy, a friend of Timothy's, is also suspected because he's been using the barn to store auto parts and rolls of duct tape. When Billy disappears, the question is whether he's the murderer or another victim.

I enjoyed the book. The setting is lovely and appears to be faithful to the Amish traditions. I'd love to visit Appelseed Creek. Chloe and Timothy are delightful characters. He's very understanding of the her and her impetuous actions to solve the murder. She is intrepid, a strong character with her own demons.

They mystery is fairly easy to solve, but keeps your interest. My criticism is that the ending seemed rushed and not quite believable, but it doesn't detract too much for the enjoyment of the story.

I recommend this book if you are fascinated by the Amish and particularly if you enjoy mysteries.

I reviewed this book for Handlebar Publishing.