Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Girl on the Run in the Battle Between Good and Evil

Bethany Barkley, an attorney, meets with Ken Kirkland. He's convinced his mother was manipulated into leaving her fortune to what he considers a religious cult, the Planners. He holds Bethany responsible because she prepared the will. Bethany knows she acted in good faith, but when she arrives home she finds Ken dead on the kitchen floor with two bullets from her gun in him. The police are sure she's responsible. When Bethany starts receiving text messages directly related to the crime she panics and starts to run.

Her best friend Annabelle was recently murdered by a hit and run driver. As she struggles to evade the authorities, Bethany starts to believe there is a connection between herself and Annabelle's death. She plans to retrace Annabelle's steps to find out what really happened. As she finds more information about what Annabelle was involved with, she realizes that she's caught in a centuries old struggle between good and evil.

I found this book very slow in spite of the chase scene and the plots twists. The major character is remote, hard to feel attached to. The plot hinges on this character. If you can't relate to her, the book loses a great deal of immediacy. I did enjoy some of the other characters, the Judge, the Mathematician, the Builder, and other member of the Garden, the force for good. However, since they only put in infrequent appearances, it wasn't enough to carry the story.

Another problem for me was the author switching from past to present tense on a chapter by chapter basis. Since all the action was taking place at relatively the same time, I found the constant shifts jarring and could see no reason for them.

The book has a religious theme, but it's not heavy. If you enjoy searches for ancient artifacts and secret organizations, you may enjoy this book. I found it rather slow.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program