Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Former Catholic on the Problems of the Catholic Church

While some people may find this book offensive, I thought it had interesting points. The author opens with a diatribe about God. He seems very angry and disillusioned with the Church. If you find it offensive, skip it.

The second section of the book presents a history of the Catholic Church, mostly it's mistakes. However, the section is factual and gives an overview of the Church evolving over time. I don't think anyone can deny that the Church has made terrible errors, but now it appears to be trying to reform itself.

In one section, the author lets up on his criticism and acknowledges that many good people and relief organizations sponsored by the Church have done a great deal of good. It's a needed section to give some respite from the continual criticism.

The book is described as being humerus. I didn't find it amusing. I found it informative and a rather dismal picture of a huge bureaucracy trying to manage itself

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.