Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warriors for Christ: Soul's Gate by James L. Rubart

The fulfillment of a prophecy made thirty years ago over Reese is being fulfilled. Four people have come together to become warriors to fight for healing, strength and renewal in the name of Jesus Christ. Each of the participants has a deep wound that keeps him or her from fully opening to others. Through training that involves entering the souls of those needing healing through the soul's gate, these four are able to bring healing to each other and open themselves to help others.

Although this book is primarily fantasy and science fiction, it has a good message. We need to heal each other through prayer and be willing to listen and help others to realize their potential. The characters are well drawn and interesting. We care about what happens to them and cheer at their successes. The book has plenty of action. In fact it can be read on two levels, as an allegory or as an action adventure story. In either case, it's an enjoyable read.

On the negative side, the author has several tricks of writing that stopped the story flow for me. His characters don't walk, stride, stroll, amble or trudge. They shuffle. People wearing slippers shuffle; teens wearing unlaced high-top sneakers two sizes to large shuffle; very old people often shuffle. Vibrant young healthy warriors for Christ, it seems to me, should have other modes or propelling themselves across the floor. The other problem is the inconsistent capitalization of proper names. Sometimes Reese is written with a capital letter, but in the same paragraph it may be written, reese. I found this confusing. Possibly the copy I received is an ARC (Advance Reader's Copy), but I don't think so.

I recommend this book for the message of healing and particularly if you like fast paced fantasy and science fiction.

I reviewed this book as part of the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.