Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Epic Battle Between Good and Evil: Fallen Masters by John Edward

A dark cloud is rapidly heading for earth. Scientists and religious leaders are meeting to try to decide how to counter the unimaginable cataclysm they see approaching. In the anticipated battle, each of the main characters is called upon to use their talent to fight either on the side of good or evil.

The battle is not confined to earth. The Other Side is heavily involved. Both good and evil are represented among the departed. The fallen angels encourage evil in the world. The Fallen Masters are people who have done exceptional good on earth. Each is paired with a living person to influence them to use their talents for good.

On the positive side, the story presents a dilemma many of us see: the increased presence of evil in the world. The characters are interesting and the plot involves a looming catastrophe which involved each of the characters.

On the negative side the book is too long. The action breaks down in the middle where there is a long section on what happens on the other side. It completely broke the rhythm of the book for me. The characters may be interesting, but there are too many of them. Instead of following a few characters we leap back and forth between numerous stories. It gives the book a choppy disjointed feel.

In the beginning, I enjoyed the book. I was intrigued by the characters and the looming disaster. However, as the book plodded along, I lost interest. The outcome was a foregone conclusion and it took forever to get there. I can't recommend this book. The theme is excellent, but the writing isn't up to the challenge.

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